3012 MDT

• Designed for Two-Way radio
• Supports analog conventional and trunking radio systems
• NEXEDGE Compatible
• 240 Character Text Messaging (6x40) backlit display
• 1024 Position non-volatile GPS memory
• Programmable Status Keys
• 5 General purpose inputs
• Credit card reader and thermal printer
• Command-Alkon Integra Certfied

3012 MDT Mobile Data Terminal AVL Fleet Tracker

The 3012 is a ruggedized dual microprocessor controlled Mobile Data Terminal. The 3012 features 10 user programmable soft status keys, 240 character text messaging display, five universal inputs for automating vehicle status, optional accessories including a 16 channel GPS receiver, credit card reader and thermal printer.

Automatic Vehicle Location
The 3012 is available with optional 16 channel internal GPS Receiver. Capable of cold start acquisition in less than one minute and warm start of less than 15 seconds for fast GPS position fix. GPS updates are programmable for starts, stops, turns, over speed limit, and timed interval.

The 3012 is able to retain the most recent 1024 GPS position fixes in non-volatile E2PROM memory. The most recent 100 positions may be sent over the air and 1024 may be extracted via serial connection. Advanced queuing features allow for storing and sending location fixes in groups to conserve radio system airtime.

Flexible I/O
The five inputs may be attached to status tags, which update the event status determined by input state and are PC programmable for status 1–9, GPS on DemandTM or Emergency. Mileage Reporting Logs accumulated mileage to send to Street Smarts Platinum. Within Street Smarts Platinum, users can be alerted when maintenance is due on a vehicle or run maintenance reports on the fleet.

Credit Card Authorization
Track 1 credit card reader and thermal printer are available for secure payment transactions. Credit Card transactions are processed through the Authorize.net payment gateway. Customers may retain existing merchant accounts while adding 128-bit encrypted mobile credit card transactions via the 3012.

Driver Time Card Manage driver clock in/out and hours worked to eliminate overtime abuse and reduce vehicle maintenance costs.

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