Introductory Sales & Technical Webinar Training 
*Course is Required to Achieve Pyramid Certified Status.

 Tuesday, Novemeber 19, 2013 11am-1pm PST

ONGOING Trainings

Wednesday, Decemeber 11, 2013 9am-11am  



• Learn How to Sell Mobile Data Terminals, Mapping Software, and Vehicular Repeaters
• Learn How to Install Mobile Data Terminals, Mapping Software and Vehicular Repeaters


What is the Pyramid Training Program?
A series of approximately 3-hour interactive webinars, online tutorials and live training workshops across the country. Pyramid training offers a comprehensive education on how to sell, install, maintain and troubleshoot Pyramid’s line of Vehicular Repeaters, Mobile Data Terminals, and Street Level Mapping Software.


Who Should Attend:
Our fun and informative training programs are designed for sales staff, system engineers and technicians. There is no limit on the number of people who can attend training from your organization. But,  please be sure to register each participant separately, and make sure everyone completes and returns their own test to receive Certification credit. 

Why Attend a Training?
• Eligible to purchase a Dealer Training Kit at a HIGHLY discounted rate
• Achieve & maintain CERTIFIED Dealer Status
Completion of the Pyramid 101 Webinar gives you & your Dealership Pyramid Communications Certified status. As a Certified Dealership you're eligible to purchase a Dealer Training Kit that consists of a Pyramid Vehicular Repeater or Mobile Data Terminal with Street Smarts Mapping Software for a discounted price of $399*.

Stay tuned for updates about Webinar Course Schedules and Live Trainings. For more information about our Training Program or our Dealer Training Kit options, please contact Meredith Matics at 714-901-5462.

*Prices vary depending on the type of kit purchased.
*Training Kits are intended for DEMO PURPOSES ONLY. They can be purchased when a representative from a Dealership attends a training. You can receive a training kit for each Dealer location. If the Dealer has multiple locations, one representative from each location can attend the training and is eligible to order a kit. Limit 1 per each Dealer location per year. Once you have received a Dealer Training Kit, you cannot purchase the same product again in subsequent years. So, if you choose an SVR-200 training kit this year, next year you are eligible for another kit, but not the SVR-200.