FireHawk Pager 101
Dealer Training Webinar

(Detailed Course Description Below)

When: Friday May 2, 2014

Time: 8am - 9am PST

Format: Go-to-Meeting-Webinar

Presented by: Michael Foley

For: All Pyramid Communications Authorized Dealers

Who Should Attend: Technicians, Sales professionals, and Owner Operators 

How to Register: CLICK HERE

Complete the registration form and you should receive a confirmation email from Go-to-Meeting with the information needed to join the webinar.

What is Covered:

Introduction and Terms of new dealer agreement for Pager Products. General Features of FireHawk VP.  By attending FireHawk 101, you and your staff will gain a working knowledge for the new FireHawk Pager. Topics discussed will be key differences between FireHawk VP and Minitor, Swiss-Phone, etc., how to use the pager, how to program frequency & tone information into pager, programmable options in FireHawk VP, and FireHawk DB. Upon completion of the webinar you will be able to better sell and support the FireHawk pager. 

For more information please contact:

Eastern Regional Sales Manager: Seth Chandler  

Western Regional Sales Manager: Michael Foley  

Thank you and we look forward to you attending FireHawk Pager 101!