Firm Ware/Utilities Software

NOTE: These upgrades are for existing customers only. These upgrades do not contain any map data. They are updates to the program operation only. The above setups will not function on new installations without a prior full installation and license of Street Smarts on the workstation.

Firmware and Firmware Flash Utility

IMPORTANT: Unzip the contents of these zipped firmware files to your "C:\Program Files\Atmel\Flip x.x.x\" Folder.

File Name
For Model
Version / Information
FireHawk VP
Atmel Flash Utility for FireHawk VP Pager, DOWNLOAD & INSTALL FIRST
Jul 2, 14
FireHawk VP
Latest Firmware File for FireHawk VP Voice Pager
Sep 12, 14
FireHawk VP
Voice & Date File Utility for FireHawk VP
Sep 12, 14
FireHawk VP
Latest Voice File for FireHawk VP
Sep 12, 14
3012 MDT
Atmel Flash Utility for SVR-250, SVR-P250 and 3012 MDT, DOWNLOAD & INSTALL FIRST
Jan 3, 06
CentryII GSM
Dec 12, 07
Jan 22, 08
Aug 12, 11