MERLIN 2017 Vehicle Tracking

• High speed: 1200 Baud MSK
• 16 Channel internal GPS with back up power supply
• 6 General purpose I/O lines for vehicle monitoring or remote control
• Programmable GPS on Demand, Emergency and Code 3 Alert
• Compact: only 6” x 5.25” x 1.25”
• LTR Passport and conventional compatible • PC Programmable
• Built-in report editor/viewer
• Non-volatile E²PROM stores 1024 position fixes for later replay

Merlin 2017 Dual Mode AVL Terminal with GPS

The Merlin™ series AVL from Pyramid Communications is a microprocessor controlled GPS based Automatic Vehicle Location device that connects to an existing conventional or trunking 2-way radio and will automatically send its position information to dispatch on a programmed interval. The Merlin AVL has 3 inputs that can be used for general purpose vehicle monitoring (doors open, shotgun removed, etc.) or can be programmed to special functions. The AVL also has 3 general purpose outputs that can be used to alert the driver when out of the vehicle or for remote control of vehicle functions. The Merlin AVL easily interfaces to any conventional or trunking mobile. Position updates are stored in non-volatile E2PROM memory for download and playback at a later time. Merlin is capable of storing 85 hours of vehicular activity at five minute update intervals.

Dual Mode Operation
The Merlin AVL will automatically send its position information on a pre-programmed interval. One of the general purpose inputs can be programmed as a Code 3 input.

When activated will update at a shorter interval for more accurate tracking by dispatch. Both update rates are PC programmable. Normal rate can be programmed between one minute and four hours in one minute increments. Code 3 rate can be programmed between five seconds and 20 minutes in 5 second increments.

A complete line of filter products that eliminates interference in crossband and in-band applications.

Smart Trunking Access
When the Merlin AVL is connected to a trunking radio and a GPS update is sent, the unit will key the radio for 200mS; it then monitors the radio's transmitter for an on-air condition. If it does not see the radio transmit at all (system is busy), it will retry every four seconds until successful or time out (60 Sec). When it detects that the radio is transmitting, it will continue to monitor the on-air line until the transmitter remains keyed for at least 400mS to ensure that the radio is not handshaking or retrying. After successful acquisition of a voice channel, it will send its status request ensuring the message is received by the base.

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