Pyramid Communications Product Overview

Pyramid manufactures products that cater to niche markets within the public safety sector and private enterprise. The products are listed below:

Vehicular Repeaters – Pyramid has been marketing and selling vehicular repeaters for almost 20 years. As a result, the market is well defined. Our target customers include: Utility Companies, Fire Departments, EMT Personnel, Private Security Companies, State & Local Police, County Sheriff’s, State Highway Patrol Agencies, State Transportation Agencies, the Department of Transportation, the Bureau of Land Management, the Department of Forestry, Border Patrol, the FBI, the CIA, the US Army, the US Navy, the US Air Force, and the Marines.

3012 Digital Mobile Data Terminals (MDT) – Pyramid recently launched its third generation Digital MDT. The 3012 MDT features a 16 channel internal GPS receiver, 10 user programmable soft status keys, 5 universal inputs for automatic vehicle status, a credit card reader, a driver clock in/out time card, and a 240 character text messaging display.

Street Smarts Mapping Software – Pyramid’s state-of-the-art street level mapping software is in its 6th Edition. Features such as geo-fencing, over-the-speed-limit indicator, record/playback of vehicle routes, and custom sorting by user defined data fields make it an industry standout. This product operates on any land mobile radio system, and can be viewed on computers, smart phones and tablets.

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Current Pyramid Retail Price List
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