Digital Mobile Data Solutions for Ready-Mix

Pyramid 3012 MDT and Street Smarts

Pyramid 3012 MDTs work with your existing two-way radio systems allowing automated routine dispatch functions, freeing up dispatchers. 3012 MDTs can interface directly with major industry accounting software (such as Command-Alkon) to eliminate keypunch errors and improve job costing accuracy. Real-time job status information seamlessly feeds to billing software for a completely automated invoicing cycle.

Pyramid's AVL tracking provides accurate estimated arrival times and routing information, eliminating unnecessary returns to base. Our Street Smarts Client desktop mapping software and Street Smarts Mobile App for iPhone make tracking and vehicle utilization intuitive and easy.

  • Accurately tracks vehicle location within 40ft.
  • Relays data to Ready-Mix accounting software including Command Alkon/Integra
  • Reduces air congestion by utilizing fast data messaging instead of slow voice transmissions.
  • Provides private and secure communications between dispatch and drivers.
  • Eliminates misunderstood voice communications through accurate information exchange.
  • Communicates between fleet and base via any trunked or conventional two-way radio systems in UHF, VHF, 800 MHz or 900 MHz frequencies.

The Pyramid 3012 has a tough, anodized extruded aluminum case that is dust and corrosive-resistant and is built and tested to exceed Military Specifications.
The Pyramid 3012 will save you money by eliminating the need for costly cellular service and by maximizing your billing and equipment efficency.
Our 20+ years of experience making MDTs for the Ready-Mix Industry means that you can count on our products and support for years to come.

Why Pyramid?

Pyramid Communications has been manufacturing Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs) for Ready-Mix since 1990, and our experience with the harsh Ready-Mix environment means we can offer you the most durable solutions in the industry.

"Recent Federal DOT rules and regulations restrict a CMV driver from holding a mobile telephone to conduct a voice communication, dialing a mobile telephone by pressing more than a single button, or reaching for a mobile phone in an unacceptable and unsafe manner...

However, according to Section 383.5, the FCC definition for mobile telephone does not include two-way or Citizens Band radio services."

— Department of Transportation
FR Doc. 2011-30924

Benefits of a Two-Way Radio Based MDT and AVL Solution:

Status Messaging – Push status notification events to your billing software (such as Command Alkon) to automatically create invoices with no dispatcher interaction. Once a job is ‘ticketed’ by the dispatcher and the truck leaves the yard, the driver simply has to press the proper status to move between stages in the job cycle.
Street Smarts – Our proprietary software for both desktops and iPhones utilizes our Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) technology and enables dispatchers and supervisors to give customers accurate ETA updates, and it can help you better understand vehicle usage and prevent abuse.
Text Messaging – Dispatchers can use Street Smarts to send free form 240-character text messages to the vehicle (240 characters possible depending on radio platform), saving on voice communications and airtime congestion. It allows dispatchers to pass along important information to drivers even when they are out of the truck; the message will be waiting for them when they return to the cab.
Little or No Recurring Cost – The cost of adding data to a twoway radio in a truck is far less than competing solutions that use cellular technology which incur monthly subscription costs while lacking many of the advantages of two-way radio (such as oneto-many voice transmission).


Operation: 18 Key; 10 status, 7 function, emergency and cursor keys.
Display: 8 x 40 character high contrast back lit LCD.
Text Messaging: 248 messages up to 240 characters each.
Interface: Audio, RS232 or 5V TTL: DB9M
Printer Port: DB9F
GPS Antenna: SMA female
Application: Conventional and trunking mobiles.

Power Requirements:
DC Supply: 13.6 VDC negative ground ±25% 400 mA nominal.

Dimension: 8.0" L x 4.5" H x 1.7" D
Weight: 2 lbs.
Case: Extruded Aluminum
Keyboard: 19 Key snap dome sealed membrane type.

Outputs: PTT, audio mute, channel change, horn honk
Inputs: 5 programmable inputs for status, GPS on demand or emergency
GPS: 16 channel 1575 MHz NMEA 0183 RMC

Mil-Std-810D/E Ratings

501.2 - Procedure II - High Temp +60°C
502.3 - Procedure II - Low Temp -30°C
514.3 - Procedure I - Vibration, Ground Vehicle Category 8
516.3 - Procedure I - Shock