SVR-252 Full Duplex Repeater

• PC Programmable Full Duplex Repeater
• VHF/UHF/700/800/900 MHz
• 2 Watt Transmit Power Output
• Optional Duplexer, Housing and Power Supply for Tactical Deployment
• Emergency Signalling

SVR-252 Full Duplex Repeater (Shown with optional PS 252 and Duplexer)

The popular SVR-250 is now available in a full duplex version with many of the same features as the original. The SVR-252 is PC programmable on a per channel basis for frequency, tone/code, wide/narrow band operation and emergency operation. In addition, the SVR-252 is full duplex, which allows extended coverage from portable to portable as well as portable to base communications. Full duplex operation eliminates the “sampling” normally heard during base to portable transmissions.

The SVR-252 can be used as standalone repeater in a command vehicle application to improve on-scene portable coverage. It is also available in a standard enclosure with a duplexer and DC power supply for rapid deployment in emergency and interoperability applications. (As pictured: SVR-PS252)

When powered off of 110VAC, the Auxiliary DC terminals can be used as a back-up battery input, or used as a convenient DC trickle charger/power supply (Max current: 2 amps)

The SVR-252 can interface to analog or P25 digital mobile radios. The SVR-252 can also interface to conventional or trunking mobiles and is capable of operating with SkyTerra (formally MSV) mobile satellite phones. In trunking mode, the SVR-252 ensures proper acquisition of the trunking status information.

The SVR-PS252 is a rapid deployment, cost-effective solution for on-scene portable to portable communications.

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