Testimonials from Our Clients

City of Oxnard: Police Department
Jeri Williams, Chief of Police

Subject: Performance of Pyramid SVR200 Vehicular Repeater
On August 18, 2013 members of the Oxnard Special Enforcement Unit (SWAT) responded to a residence in the city of Oxnard regarding a possible barricaded homicide suspect.
During this operation several team members did not have their portable radios programmed with the “repeater” channel and were not able to utilize the SVR200 repeater which has been installed in the Bearcat armored vehicle for testing.
Upon completion of this operation a debriefing was held regarding what had occurred during this incident. Several positive comments were made regarding the radio/repeaters performance. These comments included,
“…a night and day difference between those on the repeater and those not using it…”
“…Have the guys not using the repeated channel, get it…”

Bill Crisostomo
Special Enforcement Unit/SWAT
August 18, 2013

City of Post Falls
Kathy Rosia

Street Smarts Software
Our ‘Street Smarts’ Mapping Software is a valuable tool for me during snowstorms when our plows are our clearing snow on the arterials, collectors and residential streets. We monitor 13 plow vehicles.
After activating Street Smarts during a snowstorm, I can view all of our plow truck locations in 30-second intervals—where the trucks have plowed and where they are currently plowing. If we have to open up an intersection quickly, I can view my map on the screen, assess which plow truck is closest to that area, then call the driver on my 2-way radio and request him to drive to the location to open up that intersection.
I have felt the most prepared this 2012-2013 winter because of our Street Smarts program.

Kathy Rosia
City of Post Falls Public Works Department

Cascade Mobile
Chris Schueller

Subject: Pyramid Technical Support Staff
“As you are aware Cascade Mobile has been working with a local public safety agency that had problems communicating with their portable radio’s… After acquiring a vehicle and taking a deeper look into the installation we were able to identify a need for Pyramid vehicular repeaters. Pyramid’s technical support staff took the time to walk us through their system step by step. By doing so I am pleased the to report that the agency has received such a positive feedback that they have deployed Pyramid units in every vehicle in the fleet.
This is not only a resounding endorsement of the quality products Pyramid Communications manufacturers but also to the quality of the technical staff on hand. The agency could not be happier with the products and its performance."

Chris Schueller
Division of Cascade Networks/Last Mile Gear
August 18, 2011

Village Public Safety Officer Program
Travis Sheppard

“I love the fact that I provided a Pyramid Repeater SVR-200 so I can communicate on this island and get help if, and when needed. I know with this vehicular repeater, if something should happen to me, it’s God’s will, not the Pyramid repeater working incorrectly.”

Travis Sheppard
Ouzinke, Alaska VPSO

Department of Public Safety: Missouri State Highway Patrol
Colonel Ronald Replogle, Superintendent

"Our agency has been using the Pyramid Communications SVR-200 VHF mobile repeater interfaced to a Kenwood 90 series mobile radio for several years now in our patrol cars, specialty vehicles, and emergency equipment setups. We have purchased several hundred of these units over the years and have had good success with their performance. Pyramid has provided training, product information, troubleshooting tips, and repair assistance throughout the years. They are very professional and provide a level of customer service that you may not always find with larger companies.
I would personally recommend them to any agency seeking a quality product with proven customer service performance."

Jerry Goans-Chief
MSHP Communications Division
August 5, 2011

Kenai Police Department
107 S. Willow St, Kenai, Alaska 99611

" We found that there were areas of our City where officers could not communicate with dispatch on their portable radios, but could communicate with their mobile radios in the patrol cars. By installing the Pyramid Communications mobile repeaters in the vehicles, officers are now able to communicate with the dispatch center on their portable radios from nearly anywhere in the City. We installed the repeaters in an attempt to improve officer safety and we believe that we have accomplished that. "

Lt. David Ross
Kenai Police Department

Northeast Utilities
Northeast Utilities Service Company, Hartford, CT 06141

"Back in 1990, I was working on a radio project for my company, Northeast Utilities, requiring the addition of Motorola PAC/RT vehicle repeaters. At the time, it came to my attention that Motorola was getting out of the manufacture of this item. Since we already had a fleet of line vehicles utilizing PAC/RT's, I was faced with the task to find either a new vehicle repeater which was compatible with the PAC/RT, or replace our entire system of existing units. Fortunately, I discovered there was a new company called Pyramid Communications which claimed compatibility with the PAC/RT unit. So, I got on the telephone to investigate. The person who answered the phone, who I found out later was one of the owners of the company and former Motorola engineer, said when Motorola gave up the vehicle repeater business, he and others saw there would be a continued need for them. So he, and a few others, started the Pyramid Communications venture. I bought a unit to try, and had it installed in one of our line trucks. After the initial test was concluded, I saw that the Pyramid Communications vehicle repeaters were going to work out, so I purchased more units thus saving my company the expense of a huge retrofit. Since that time, Northeast Utilities has added hundreds of vehicle repeaters to its fleet with excellent results."

"Recently, FCC requirements have added another chapter in the book of land mobile radio challenges by requiring utilities and others to use less spectrum through narrow banding. This means replacement of existing vehicle repeaters where reprogramming or a component upgrade cannot be employed. Again, Pyramid Communications has been there to assist its customers by offering reasonable solutions to bring older units into compliance. I was recently contacted by Seth Chandler, Pyramid representative, to help us schedule a timely upgrade of two hundred plus field units before the 2013 narrowband deadline. Without such assistance by Pyramid Communications, Northeast Utilities would be looking at a very expensive and labor intensive effort. Thanks for your continuing efforts in these matters!"

Ron Brown
IT Telecommunications Engineering
Northeast Utilities


"I just wanted to thank you for your assistance with interfacing the Pyramid SVR-200 to the Motorola XPR4550 mobile radio. There is a Pyramid SVR-200 in use at one of our parks in middle Tennessee and the county this park lies in has switched all their radios to MotoTrbo. This park has several waterfalls and the tallest has hiking trails to the base. When rangers respond to emergencies at the base of the falls they use a uhf portable radio to control a Pyramid SVR-200 connected to a vhf mobile radio in their pickup parked above the falls to call for assistance. This is necessary because vhf portable radio communications alone won’t work reliably from down there. This has been used often in the past due to injuries along the trail as well as people drowning below the falls. There is usually only one ranger on duty when there is an emergency and the radio system utilizing the Pyramid is the only means he has to get assistance from county medical and law enforcement personnel. Undoubtedly this setup has been responsible for minimizing many injuries and saving lives of visitors at the park. So it is essential that we interface the Pyramid to the MotoTrbo radio for continued radio communications here. "

Randy Hayes