White Papers

VHF In-band Primer - All about VHF in-band. The questions you have, but never asked.


Articles and Publications

Arkansas Game and Fish Dept. - Statewide agency improves safety and accountability with low cost AVL solution using existing infrastructure.

AVL Tracking Technogies Primer - Whether for small or large school bus fleets, GPS tracking is growing faster than ever.

Who's watching the nukes? - The Air Force enhances security at its most sensitive, remote bases using vehicular repeaters.

Vehicular Repeaters And The 700 MHz band - Regional planning committees should include vehicular repeaters in their interoperability plans for the 700 MHZ band.

Public Safety Report - Navigating Uncharted Waters: 800MHz Vehicular Repeater Licensing.

Search & Rescue Teams Gain with Vehicular Repeaters - Agencies outline the use of vehicular repeaters in search and rescue operations.