Pyramid Communications Secures VHF Spectrum For SVR Users

In 2012 Pyramid Communications started efforts to obtain more spectrum for VHF SVR users.  We took on this project here at Pyramid because it was the right thing to do on behalf of the end users who struggle without mission critical communications.   

In a decision applauded by many, the FCC rules were changed.  On March 15, 2016, the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau (WTB) and the Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau (PSHSB) will begin accepting applications for the operation of mobile repeaters on the following 6 VHF frequencies: 173.2375, 173.2625, 173.2875, 173.3125, 173.3375, and 173.3625 MHz.
Thank you for your support and patience throughout the process.  All of us here at Pyramid are proud of what we have done here on behalf of the tens of thousands of first responders who rely on Pyramid Communications equipment every day.
What we need you to do:
  • Contact those who you know have been waiting for a VHF frequency.
  • Direct your licensing inquiries to a coordinator who is aware of the new changes.  Coordinators with experience on this topic are RadioSoft (888) 723-4695, EWA (800) 482-8280 or your local APCO coordinator. Please contact your coordinator to file now. We are limited to six frequencies in any region and only if they are available.

Got Coverage? 

Now that the Narrowband Mandate has been met, we are receiving calls from Dealers across the country asking for solutions to newly discovered gaps in handheld radio coverage. If Narrowbanding has reduced coverage for your customers, we have the solution. 

Pyramid Vehicular Repeaters instantly give Handheld Radios the POWER of a Mobile Radio! 

The Pyramid Vehicular Repeater is wired directly to the mobile radio. When your handheld radio transmits a signal, the vehicular repeater receives the transmission and instantly re-broadcasts it through the mobile radio. The Pyramid Vehicular Repeater interfaces with virtually all mobile radios! 

Call Pyramid or your local rep for more information.













Pyramid Now Certified to Work with Command-Alkon Integra 

To better serve the Ready-Mix industry, Pyramid Communications has established a relationship with Command-Alkon Integra, a leading manufacturer of software and hardware solutions for producers of ready-mixed concrete, concrete products, aggregate, asphalt, and cement. Pyramid has been certified by Integra Signaling to pass data from our AVL maping software, Street Smarts to Integra Dispatch. This interface provides real time job status information feeds to the billing software for a completely automated invoicing cycle.

Read more about Command-Alkon Integra and the Pyramid 3012 MDT here.


Pyramid at a city near you!

Pyramid Communications is traveling the USA during the summer of 2012 training Pyramid’s nationwide network of Authorized Dealers with these annual product certification classes. It's a fun and informative 4-hour training program, designed for sales staff, system engineers and technicians. This is an extremely easy, fun, and valuable way for you and your team to increase your income. Please contact us to book your city:

  • September 11th Milwaukee, WI
  • September 12th Cincinnati, OH

You'll learn technical product knowledge and gain insight to increase your sales. And, you are automatically qualified for our Presidents Club program. Benefits include:

  • Awards for Certified Dealers who reach Bronze ($25,000), Silver ($50,000) or Gold Levels ($100,000) 
  • Gold Dealers will join us for an all-expense-paid Presidents Club Retreat in Alaska, with fly fishing via private floatplane, gourmet meals, stunning accommodations, and much more!
  • Each salesperson will receive a Pyramid Rewards Cash Card that fills with cash each time you make a sale!
  • Option to purchase a Dealer Training Kit (SVR or AVL) for only $199
  • Additional sales tools

So again, contact us to register for a training near you. We look forward to seeing you!


Why wireless spectrum matters

To most, the topic of radio spectrum can be a dull issue. However, if you're in a police or fire department and your team depends on proper radio contact, this can be a life or death issue. 

Senator Mark Warner offers an insightful editorial over at wired.com. With the FCC's "narrowbanding requirement" coming at the end of this year, this is a hot topic for all of us at Pyramid Communications. If you'd like more information on the political battles that affect your radios, it's an interesting read.

Please feel free to contact Pyramid if you need any information or assistance in switching your Pyramid gear to be narrowband compliant