VM-7000 Multi-Deck Interface

                   • Small Form Factor
                                                                                   • Uses Standard SVR Interface Cables
                                                                                   • Enables Interoperability With Multiple Bands
                                                                                   • Intelligently Routes Calls Without User Interaction
                                                                                   • Works with SVR-P255, SVR-P250 and SVR-250


Introducing The SMX-350 EVRS / SVR Multi-Deck Interface 

The SMX-350 Multi-Deck Interface box connects to the SVR-P255 EVRS, SVR-P250 or SVR-250 repeater to interface to the quad deck Kenwood Viking VM-7000 series mobile radios..  


The SMX-350 is an intelligent multiplex interface box that automatically routes all calls to the selected deck on the Kenwood Viking VM-7000 multi-deck radio. For example, when a user selects a channel that is VHF, the VM-7000 radio notifies the SMX-350 which RF deck is selected and the SMX-350 will route all traffic from the SVR to the proper/selected RF deck.


The SMX-350 supports dual, tri and quad band radio configurations. Regardless of the band or channel selected, the SMX-350 will route the calls in both directions to the selected RF deck/band of the RF platform for the user selected channel.


Click Here to download a pdf about our SMX-350