• DMR Digital
• 20 Channels
• ESP™ Multi Vehicle Format
• Triggers DMR Emergency Calls
• USB Programmable
• Optional Remote Head Kit
• Works With All Models of DMR Mobile Radios
• Built on Over 25 Years of Vehicular Repeaters Solutions

SVR-D300 DMR Vehicular Repeater

The SVR-D300 is the next generation simplex vehicular repeater from Pyramid Communications that is fully compliant with the DMR Air Interface (AI) protocol, the ETSI dual time slot communications protocol.

The SVR-D300 also utilizes Pyramid's latest DMR ESP™ priority structure that establishes a priority vehicle to handle on-scene communications. With ESP™, priority vehicles are assigned without user intervention to ensure uninterrupted communications when users exit their vehicles. ESP™ also ensures a quick recovery if two vehicles get in a priority mode at one scene.

In addition, the SVR-D300 offers our built-in DMR Smart Trunking protocol, which automates the trunking to the portable radio using our TM-250 series trunking microphones. Supports DMR emergency signaling from portable to dispatch through the SVR-D300 and allows the SVR to relay an emergency with Hot Mic from the portable radio user.

The SVR-D300 is both DMR and Analog capable and can interface to analog or DMR mobile radios, providing flexible inter-operability between systems that wouldn't normally be able to communicate. The SVR-D300 will interface to analog, digital, conventional or trunked mobiles for a wide range of applications.

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