RCS-200 Remote Channel Selector

The RCS-200 is a remote channel selector option for use with the Pyramid SVR Series Vehicular Repeaters. When installed in the mobile radio of a SVR application, the RCS-200 will allow the handheld operator to remotely change the mobile radio channel via a DTMF keypad. The RCS-200 contains a microprocessor controlled voice synthesizer and will acknowledge the channel change request by announcing the selected channel over the SVR portable link in a female voice. This provides positive acknowledgment for the handheld operator initiating the channel change request, as well as notifying other handheld operators on the link that the mobile channel has changed.

Channel selection is accomplished by sending the DTMF "*" followed by a two digit channel request. Additionally, the RCS-200 can be pre programmed with one revert channel that is accessed by sending a double "*" sequence; the revert channel may be any channel number up to 99.

The RCS-200 will work with a wide variety of mobile radios and channel selection schemes including quadrature rotary switches, channel up selectors, and serial I/O interfaces. There is no programming or dip switch settings required for RCS-200 operation. The version of RCS-200 firmware will determine the channel selection method, channel changing speed, revert channel and custom options such as group change.


Signaling format: Decodes all standard DTMF characters, .5 to12 DPS
Wrong/Interdigit time-out: 2 seconds
Input level: 5mVRMS to 2VRMS
Input impedance: >47Kohms AC coupled
Twist: 0-10db
S/N Ratio: 12db
Channel capability: 1-99 plus pre-programmed revert channel
Channel select speed: Up to 200 channels/sec, limited only by mobile radio
Channel identification: Synthesized female voice annunciator
Channel selection method: Quadrature rotary switch, channel up or serial I/O
Operating voltage: 7-24 VDC
Current consumption: 20mA
Size: 1.75" x 2.25" x .3"