Pyramid WM-1000

• Compatible with LTR, Conventional, NEXEDGE, and P25

• Pyramid Smart Trunking II

• Caller ID with user Alias

• Integrated control of NEXEDGE mobile radios

• Integrated Flashlight

• Large Graphic Display for Battery Status, Signal Strength and Caller ID


More Than A Wireless Mic.

The WM-1000 is a state of the art spread spectrum unlicensed radio system that provides extended coverage for mobile radio users. This portable radio system integrates with your existing mobile radio to give users handheld coverage when outside of their vehicle. With no license required, the WM-1000 offers easy implementation when compared to traditional SVR vehicular repeater systems.

The WM-1000 System can be configured to operate in several modes, allowing seamless group communications with dispatch from one or more WM-1000 handheld units or private communicaitons between dispatch and one WM-1000.   If you work together with other users on a regular basis, and multiple WM-1000 handheld units are paired on the same channel and address, the system will operate in group mode.  This allows handheld users to communicate with each other on a common channel. The WB-1000 base units ESPIITM structure works to establish one priority vehicle on the scene to handle traffic to and from the dispatch channel.

Click Here to download a pdf brochure on the NEW WM-1000